Almshouse Surgery 
& Sandal Castle
Medical Centre

"Putting patients interests at the heart of what we do"

Registering with the Practice

Our practice list is currently open to new patients within our boundaries.

To register as a patients we generally require;

  • A completed GMS1 form
  • 2 forms of ID per patient*
  • We need to see the patient when they are registering (particularly children)
  • A completed New Patient Questionnaire

You can pick up a registration pack from either surgery. The registration pack also includes other optional forms such as Applications to Online Services and Electronic Prescription Services Request. Once you have completed the forms, please bring them back to either surgery.

We advise patients to bring their registration forms back to the surgery at least 1 hour before that surgery’s closing time to allow time for staff to check the registration.

When you return your registration pack you will be required to make a New Patient Health Check appointment. These are essential in ensuring we have the correct information about you as a patient before we provide any urgent or non-urgent care.

PLEASE NOTE: The Practices’ main site is the Almshouse Surgery. Whilst patients may register at Sandal Castle Medical Centre and regularly book appointments there, this is the branch surgery and any urgent appointments may be at Almshouse Surgery.

*Whilst it is good practice to ask for ID we understand that there may be some occasions where this is not possible. Please speak to a member of the Reception team if you feel you are unable to provide ID but would still like to register as a patient.

Practice Boundaries

The map below shows our practice boundaries.

The BLACK line indicates our general boundaries for NEW patients.

The RED line is our extended boundaries which is only available to patients who are already registered with the practice.

(An interactive version of this map can be found HERE)

Temporary Residents

If you are only residing in the practice area for a short period of time for example if you are staying with family or working in the local area (for a period of up to 6 months) we can register you as a temporary patient with the practice. This will ensure that your complete medical records stay with your usual GP practice but we will be able to treat you for any urgent and non-urgent care needs that you have.

6 months from the date of registration you will be removed from our practice list and any information we have recorded will be sent to your usual GP (if it hasn’t already) or back to NHS England.


We will be closed from 12pm on the following WEDNESDAYS in 2017 for training;

  • 18th Jan
  • 22nd Feb
  • 15th Mar
  • 26th Apr
  • 17th May
  • 21st Jun
  • 19th Jul
  • 20th Sep
  • 18th Oct
  • 15th Nov