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NHS Cyber Attack

Key messages

  • A number of NHS organisations , including hospitals and GP practices, have been affected by a ransomware attack.
  • This has impacted organisations in different ways. In some cases computers have been infected with the ransomware virus; in other cases, computers/servers/internet connections have been shut down as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • This attack was not specifically targeted at the NHS and is affecting organisations from across a range of sectors.
  • NHS IT staff are being supported by cyber security experts as they work around the clock to fix the problem and bring impacted systems back online.
  • There is no evidence that patient data has been accessed or that patient records have been affected.
  • Clinical systems are unaffected and GPs can continue to access information, including electronic patient records as normal. However, connections between different NHS organisations have been affected and this means it may not be possible for information to be shared electronically between the practice and other organisations, for example electronic prescriptions and test results, on Monday. IT are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How has my practice been affected?

The practice remains open and is working effectively to well-tested business continuity plans.  Clinical computer systems have not been affected.

I already have a GP appointment booked. Will this still go ahead?

Yes, the practice is open and you can attend your appointment as normal.

Can I book an urgent or routine GP appointment?

Yes practice is open and continuing to take bookings as normal.

How have the phone systems been affected?

All phone lines for GP practices are working normally.

Has my patient information been affected?

There is absolutely no evidence that patient data has been accessed or compromised.

How does this affect prescriptions and repeat prescriptions?

Electronic prescriptions may not currently in use as it may not be possible for information to be shared between the GP practice and other organisations currently. This means that GPs will issue paper prescriptions and if you normally collect a repeat prescription from your pharmacy, you will need to collect a paper prescription from the practice and take it to your pharmacy instead.

Have any patient records been lost?

There have been no reports of any patient records being affected.

What will happen to my patient records if I received hospital treatment over the weekend?

Paper records will have been made at the hospital and these will be transferred to your electronic patient records held by your GP as quickly as possible. In the meantime, hospitals will be able to fax paper records to your GP if they need to access information about your treatment.

What will happen to my test results?

There may be a delay in receiving test results as a result of computer systems being down. If you are waiting for routine results we would ask you to wait an additional couple of days before calling to ask for them. However, if you are waiting for urgent test results, your GP will be able to contact the hospital by phone to receive them and the practice will contact you with this information.

When will everything be back up and running normally?

Many NHS services have already returned to normal and NHS IT experts are continuing to work round the clock to bring impacted systems back online as quickly as possible.

Important Information: Clinical System Merge

Following the merge of the 2 surgeries on 1st April to become Trinity Medical Centre, the clinical systems are the final step in completing the merger.

On Wednesday 10th May, TPP (our clinical system provider) will begin the process of merging both the Almshouse/Sandal and Grove clinical systems into one so that all patients will be registered with Trinity Medical Centre.

The main impact of this merger means that the clinical systems will be unavailable from 4pm on the day. This DOES NOT mean we are closed from 4pm. It does however mean our GP’s will have no access to your clinical records and therefore can only provide urgent care.

The plan;

Wednesday 10th May
  • All surgeries will run as normal in the morning
  • Routine afternoon surgeries will be brought forward so that they finish at 3pm and home visits will be done after this.
  • After 4pm, there will be 2 emergency doctors available at Trinity Medical Centre for telephone and face to face appointments if needed.
  • All our surgeries will be open and calls will be answered as usual but please remember staff will NOT have access to your electronic records so they will have limited information to be able to assist with any queries. They will also be unable to book any appointments once the systems go off at 4pm.
Thursday 11th May
  • All systems will be available from 8am so normal clinics will resume.
  • Patients may see some changes in where they are asked to sit or the number of the room they are called to. The waiting rooms and clinical rooms will be renamed so that we have no duplications.
  • Volunteers will be on the premises to assist patients.


Will I still be able to see a GP if I have an urgent problem after 4pm.

Yes. We will have a duty doctor available on the phone alongside the Trinity Care Triage Nurses available for advice and we will have another Duty Doctor available to see any urgent patients face to face at Trinity Medical Centre. There will be no GP on site at Sandal Castle Medical Centre.

What services will be available in reception or if I call the surgery?

Patients will still be able to come into surgery to make any basic enquiries and to collect prescriptions. We will not be able to;

  • Book or amend appointments or tell you when your next appointment is
  • Investigate or generate any prescriptions
  • Generate online usernames/passwords
  • Chase up any referrals or view any letters that have come back from the hospitals

Will SystmOnline / Online Services still be available?

No. Unfortunately your records will be unavailable to anyone as they will be removed from the NHS England central database whilst the merge process takes place. After the merge has taken place, the online services will still be available and any usernames/passwords you have been issued previously will still work.

What impact will it have on my appointment booked for AFTER the merge date?

Any appointments that are currently booked for the 11th May or after will still remain. You may be asked to wait in a different area of the building that usual or to go into a different room than where the clinician has seen you before.

Why do the systems need to merge?

Before this merge takes place, the clinical systems are still separate which means we cannot access all the patients that are registered with TMC. This means we are still running as two separate surgeries in many ways. Once the systems are merged, all staff will be able to see all TMC patients regardless of whether they were previously registered at Grove or Almshouse Surgery.

Will the surgery look any different?

There will be no structural changes taking place however the waiting rooms and clinical rooms will be renamed to avoid duplications.

Can I still see the same GP/Nurse/Clinician when the systems have merged?

Yes. All the same clinical staff will still be available. Some of them may be located in a different area of Trinity Medical Centre but regardless of which surgery you were previously registered with, you will now have access to all TMC Clinical Staff.



Prescriptions and Pharmacy2U

The practice no longer accepts repeat prescription requests from pharmacies on behalf of patients unless they have been assessed as eligible for this service by a GP.

We are aware that the online pharmacy, ‘Pharmacy 2U’ is currently mailing Wakefield residents advising of the services that they can provide. Please note that our policy also applies to Pharmacy 2U and therefore if you choose to nominate Pharmacy 2U to dispense your medicines, you will still need to order your own prescription from the surgery.

All pharmacies are still able to collect your repeat prescription from the surgery once it has been processed and deliver your medicines to you if they offer these services.

Please be assured that the practice has not provided Pharmacy 2U with your details and that we are not affiliated to them in any way.


Dr. Power has retired from the practice. We wish him a long and happy retirement.

If you saw Dr. Power on a regular basis we would encourage you to book an appointment to see another doctor so that we can continue your care.


We are currently looking for a new Medical Receptionist to join our team.

Customer service skills are essential, as are IT skills. Previous employment in a GP surgery would be advantageous but is not essential.

The hours are full time (37.5hours per week) between 7.45am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday and may include some Saturdays and evenings. You may be working at Almshouse Surgery or at Sandal Castle Medical Centre so the successful applicant must be able to get to both sites.

For further information or to apply please email

Closing date for all applications is 30th December 2016.


Our flu invitations have been sent out today giving details of our open flu clinics.

The clinics will be held on;

  • Monday 3rd October
  • Tuesday 4th October
  • Wednesday 5th October
  • Thursday 6th October
  • Friday 7th October

If you have received an invitation letter, please call in to either surgery any time between 9am and 5pm on the dates above and you will be able have your flu vaccination.

If you have any of the following symptoms please mention it to the nurse before having your flu vaccination;

  • Feel unwell, have a temperature or an infection
  • Allergic to either eggs or chicken
  • Had a reaction to previous flu vaccinations
  • Allergic to any antibiotics
  • Taking large doses of steroids
  • Pregnant or breast feeding



Practice Open Evening – 17th August 7-9pm

As you may know, we are proposing a merger with The Grove Surgery. This will mean there may be some changes in the way both practices work, but it won’t have any effect on the high standard of care we provide.

We are holding an open evening to allow our patients to come into practice and discuss all the questions, queries and concerns you may have with our GP’s, Nurses and Practice Staff.

There will also be a chance to find out about the whole range of services the practice can offer to help you make your experience with the surgery better. Local community and support groups will also be attending to speak to patients.

Feel free to drop in any time from 7 – 9pm. Refreshments are available all evening.

If you are unable to attend the evening but have any questions about the proposed merger please email us at;


Message from Mid Yorkshire Hospitals about Elderly Care

“In autumn last year we were really excited to launch our new family support rooms at
Pinderfields Hospital.
Situated on the elderly care wards, the rooms are designed to be a home from home enabling
family and carers to stay in the same room overnight and be physically close to their loved ones
who are living with dementia or in their final days.

We’ve received tremendous feedback from the families who’ve used these rooms and as the
first hospital in the country to have created them we’ve had a lot of requests from people
wanting to come and see them. These rooms were shortlisted for a Patient Safety Award in the
category of dementia care.

With the help of Engie – our facilities management company – we’ve created a short video which we
thought you’d like to see.

It gives a real flavour of what the rooms are like and why they work so well. It also includes a short piece
from one of our patients who was able to take comfort from one of the rooms in his final days.

We would be grateful if you could share this information with other people who may be interested so
that people who may benefit are aware of this facility.”



We will be closed from 12pm on the following WEDNESDAYS in 2017 for training;

  • 18th Jan
  • 22nd Feb
  • 15th Mar
  • 26th Apr
  • 17th May
  • 21st Jun
  • 19th Jul
  • 20th Sep
  • 18th Oct
  • 15th Nov